Instructor (Parent and Professional) Expectations

As an instructor at Heritage, you are an essential part of the team! We ask that you would:

Be a team player

  • Work cooperatively with the Grade Level Coordinator to provide quality classes for the targeted age group.
  • Help out when asked in other areas when there are staffing shortages.
  • Reach out to newcomers and help them to acclimate.
  • Plan ahead to fulfill other co-op obligations like clean-up duty.
  • Be sure to watch your time properly and release your students on time.

Be informed

  • Attend team meetings; be familiar with the orientation packet and other informational materials, read the Instructor Manual. Get acquainted with the leaders of the group and offer input. Ask questions when unsure of what the program involves or is expected.
  • Plan for clean-up and set-up time during your class, so that the classrooms are completely available for instructors who use the room after you.


  • Provide a copy of the class outline or syllabus to parents at the beginning of the semester. In addition, please provide a copy to the Grade Level Coordinator and Secretary.
  • Communicate clearly in advance any class requirements or requests.
  • Let your assistant and coordinator know in advance if you will be absent or need extra help on a given day.
  • If you will be absent, please provide your coordinator with the name of who will be filling in on that day.

Budget carefully

  • Try to project expenses in advance and cover them with your class fee.
  • Turn in reimbursement requests to the Treasurer in a timely manner; keep and attach receipts. (See Reimbursement Procedure under Money Matters.)
  • Try to use materials we already own, or find other ways to save money, even asking other co-op members to bring in materials you may need.
  • Turn in all teaching materials that the co-op has purchased at the end of the term (i.e., books, DVDs, etc.).

Offer respectful love and service to others

  • Take initiative to get to know parents and children.
  • Look for ways to help out.
  • Be open to input, and give input clearly, quickly and honestly.
  • Handle conflicts directly with those involved, and always assume the best.
  • Follow the Heritage guidelines for disciplinary action.
  • Grow and learn from mistakes, and allow others to do the same.

In addition to teaching, all parents are expected to do the following:

  • Encourage and support their students in their co-op participation. This includes making sure homework is done and communicating with the teacher regarding their student on a regular basis. If the workload is too heavy, please speak with the teacher and/or consider taking classes with a lighter homework load for the following semester.
  • Read the handbook and explain to their children what is required of them during co-op. Well-informed and well-prepared parents and students will benefit the most from the co-op experience.
  • Complete and return all necessary paperwork before co-op participation. These forms include the Medical Release and Family Information Form, Waiver of Liability and Behavior Agreement, and an Allergy Waiver Form for families of students with food or environmental allergies.
  • Every parent is required to stay the whole time their kids are at co-op unless your child is a high-school student enrolled in the Drop-off Program. We value your contribution and your availability to be there to deal with any potential issues; health, disciplinary or emergencies that may arise involving your child. Exceptions are given to those who have already stayed for 3-4 hours and need to go home to put a younger child down for a nap. These parents may leave their elementary students with a parent in charge. No pre-elementary students may be left by the parent on the premises at any time.
  • Parents are asked to help for a minimum of two hours, and another hour to spend in fellowship if staying for only half a day.  The service requirement is double this if staying for a full day, still the 2/3 ratio of service/fellowship time. We ask that parents be willing to step in and assist beyond the required two hours when there is a need. Parents also take turns with set up/tear down, clean up and lunch monitor, etc., as needed.