Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a Christian group?
Yes, Heritage Home Educators’ Association is an interdenominational Christian group striving to honor our Lord Jesus Christ in all we say and do. We promote respect, integrity, honor and excellence to the glory of God.

Do I have to be a Christian to join the group?
No, you do not; we have some non-Christian members. We are committed to respect and honor all people who join us. Please understand, however, that we will not modify our beliefs and practices because of the presence of non-Christian members.

Who can join?
Homeschooling families with children who are first grade and older who want to be part of a community of people willing to give of their time to help each other provide excellent academic and enrichment classes for their children and others’ at a fraction of the cost. Nursery, preschool and kindergarten programs are provided only for younger siblings of students who are first grade or older.)

Is Heritage only for families with high school students?
Heritage Home Educators’ Association currently gives priority registration to families with high school students for these reasons:

  • We have a large elementary population, and so these classes fill up sooner which limits acceptance of new applicants with elementary children only.
  • We have a special concern for families with high school students because this is the time when parents often feel overwhelmed and discouraged and may decide to send their kids to school. We would like to support parents in their endeavor to educate their children through the high school years.
  • We are trying to grow our high school program and would like to give our high school students more opportunities to develop quality friendships with their peers.

Families with younger kids are still welcome as space allows.

What are your goals?
Please click here to read our Vision Statement.

When do you meet?
We meet on Thursdays from 9 AM to 3:30 PM with an optional Praise and Worship gathering at 8:40 a.m.  Heritage meets for two 14-week semesters – from September to December, and from February to May.  We take off Thanksgiving Day and the week before Easter. We also take a winter break from mid-December through January.  However, some high school classes may meet in January if teachers find the need to cover more material that cannot be covered during the co-op’s regular session.

Where do you meet?
We meet at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in South Lyon, MI.  Please visit Contact to get more information.

What classes do you offer?
We offer both academic and enrichment classes for children from Elementary to High School.  We also offer a Nursery, Preschool and Kindergarten program for our littler members.  Please visit the Class Schedules for a complete listing of classes.

How do you determine what classes to offer every semester?
We follow a Sequence of Subjects that rotates every four years.  These subjects include Science, History, Literature and Math.

We also survey our members every spring so parents can give their input not only on their co-op experience, but also on the classes they would like offered the following year.  Members may suggest classes they would like to see offered, offer classes they would like to teach, or both.  The survey results are compiled and presented to the members for a vote.  The popularity of and need for a class, as well as the availability of a teacher, determine class selection offerings.

Who teaches at Heritage?
Our teachers are our parents.  We tap into our parents’ previous educational background, work experience, passions, hobbies and life experiences as we try to find a class that fits well with their skill set.  Parents are not paid.  Teaching is part of the co-op service requirement. We also have professional teachers come in to teach classes that are in demand when we cannot find a parent to teach the class.

What else is expected of me besides teaching?
Every parent is required to stay the whole time their kids are at co-op unless your child is a high-school student enrolled in the Drop-off Program. We value your contribution and your availability to be there to deal with any potential issues; health, disciplinary or emergencies that may arise involving your child.   Exceptions are given to those who have already stayed for 3-4 hours and need to go home to put a younger child down for a nap. These parents may leave their elementary students with a parent in charge. No pre-elementary students may be left by the parent on the premises at any time.

Parents are asked to assist/teach for a minimum of two hours and be available another hour to step in and assist when there is a need. (Three hours required)  The service requirement is double this if staying for a full day, still the 2/3 ratio of service/fellowship time.  Parents also take turns with set up/tear down, clean up and lunch monitor, etc., as needed.

What if I cannot teach?
We are home schoolers.  We teach our kids at home.  It may take a little adjustment to doing so in a classroom setting; nevertheless, we have parents who are willing to come alongside you to help you plan your classes and give you tips on how to handle a classroom of students.

Our co-op exists because of parents who are willing to teach, so this willingness will be considered highly during the application process and interview.  However, we do understand that new home schoolers or moms who have just given birth may find teaching overwhelming the first year.  We will consider these circumstances, and others as they arise, and make adjustments as necessary.  Know that eventually you will be required to teach.

We make every effort to match parents with a class that fits their area of giftedness.  However, until we have a larger pool of teaching parents, everyone will be asked to teach.

Do you have a drop-off program for high school?
Heritage offers a drop-off option for high school students.  This is primarily for parents who choose not to teach at Heritage.  Single parents or families with difficulties will be given priority.  For the current school year, the number of drop-off spaces available will be limited to 5 students. The drop-off fee is $250 per student, per semester on top of the family registration and student fee that all members pay. Though parents are exempted from teaching, they are still required to sign up for a co-op service job each year.

The Drop-Off Program Application Form must be submitted by July 31.  Acceptance of students for drop-off status will be confirmed by August 15.

What does it cost to join the co-op?
New member application fee – $25 (non-refundable), annual membership fee – $50 (non-refundable), annual student participation fee – $30/child ($120 maximum per family).  These fees cover administrative costs such as liability insurance and co-op supplies, not the cost of classes.  New applications submitted after the open enrollment period – $25 late registration fee.

Class fees vary and are charged separately from the registration fee.  Class fees are listed in the course descriptions that come out roughly 1-2 weeks before class sign-up, and are paid before the semester begins.

What are the class fees?
Class fees may include one or both of the following:

  • Materials fee – cost of materials expected to be used during the duration of the class.
  • Tuition fee – fee charged by professional instructors.
  • Parent taught classes charge a materials fee only.
  • Professional classes charge both a tuition fee and materials fee. Professional classes vary and are comparable to the rates you would pay for similar group lessons at private studios or for tutors.

How many students are at Heritage?
The current enrollment is about 200 students, with over 100 students in MS/HS.

I’m looking for support for myself; will Heritage meet my needs?  
We offer parents opportunities to join Bible studies and book clubs, sign up for select MS/HS enrichment classes open to adults, attend Moms’ Fellowship Night and Members’ Night for some social time. We also have a moms’ fellowship area at co-op where moms can gather each week during their free hours.
Heritage Home Educators’ Association is a busy place when classes are in session. Joining Heritage primarily for support for yourself may leave you disappointed.  However, it is a good place to meet homeschooling parents; and as you reach out and serve with other members, you will have the opportunity to build authentic relationships and lasting friendships.

I’m still not sure whether Heritage is a fit for my family.  May we visit and observe?
We hold two Campus Visits every year – one week in November, and again in the spring for two weeks in March.  Specific dates are listed on the News page of this website.  You are welcome to come and visit us then.  If you decide to do this, fill out the Campus Visit RSVP form and email it to us at heritagehomeeducators@gmail.com.  We will make sure you get plugged in for the day.

How do I join the co-op?
Please complete an Application Form, along with a Background Check Form, found on the Forms page.  Please submit your completed Application Form via e-mail to heritagehomeeducators@gmail.com.  Upon receipt of your Application, you will be contacted with instructions about where to mail your signed Background Check Form and your $25 non-refundable Application Fee.  (**Please do not mail any forms directly to our host church, as we are not a ministry of the church.)

Upon approval of your application, you and your spouse will be asked to sign a Waiver of Liability and Behavior Agreement.  Please discuss the latter with your children so they know what is expected of them as members and students at Heritage.  You will also be given a handbook to go over with your family to familiarize yourself on how Heritage is run.  Once you submit all forms required, you can register for classes.

What else should I know about Heritage Home Educators’ Association?

  • We love our kids and would like to give them the best co-op experience possible by doing our work at home and coming prepared for class.  Our time is precious.  We want each moment at co-op to count.
  • We have an end of semester showcase where students are given the opportunity to showcase what they have learned during the semester. This is usually held in the evening so dads and other family and friends can attend.
  • The reason behind parents teaching is to keep our costs low so families have extra to spend on other things.  We all want what’s best for our children.  If we all give our best in what we do, we all end up winning.
  • St. Joseph’s classrooms are peanut, nut and coconut free.  Food with these ingredients are limited to the lunch room only.  Strict hand washing is encouraged after lunch to help keep this policy in place.
  • St. Joseph Catholic Church requires all Heritage parents and professional instructors working with children to attend a mandatory workshop called Protecting God’s Children. If you have already taken this same class, then you only need to provide a copy of your certificate of completion.  If you took another type of class through your church that is not the same, then you will need to attend a Protecting God’s Children workshop before you can participate at Heritage. View a list of churches holding the workshop, click on the Archdiocese of Detroit (or Lansing), and choose a session you can attend. Completing the Protecting God’s Children workshop is a prerequisite for participation at Heritage.